Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How I consume and share social and digital media

I am pretty happy with my current setup for how I consume and share social and digital media. Just the other day I had a quick exchange with Samuel Driessen about FriendFeed and FlipBoard on Google+ which made me reflect on my current setup. As a result I create the illustration below (click to enlarge), which I also showed to a couple of colleagues. They seemed to appreciate it, so it seemed logical for me to share it with you as well. I hope it is self-explanatory. If not - drop me a comment.

I rarely consume social media or any digital media when I'm at work. I do some interaction via Twitter and Google+, but reading and viewing I prefer to do when I have some time over and when there are no other things that fight for my attention, such as in the following situations:

  • Early mornings before the kids are awake. 
  • On the train to work or to a client.  
  • When I'm waiting for someone or something, such as boarding at the airport.
  • When I'm taking a break at work.
  • At home late in the evening.

I mainly consume social and digital media from my iPad and iPhone, and FlipBoard is the app that makes it really easy and enjoyable for me. If you haven't experienced FlipBoard yet, I truly recommend you to try it out.



  1. Oscar,

    Thank you for posting this image. I struggle with the best way to do this all the time. Probably because there is no "best" way. It's nice to see a visual on how someone else actually does it.


  2. Thanks for this. Does this mean you both use Flipboard the way most people do - to collect info from a myriad of sources, but also post from there? Currently, I am at the first step of this using Flipboard, so please expand on the right side of the picture above.

    Patrik Bergman

  3. Thanks for your comments.

    @patrik - I do share information that I read/view using FlipBoard and which I find interesting directly from inside sharepoint to Twitter etc. I also do some (limited) interaction with people via FlipBoard, such as comment to tweets or like posts. But if I post my own content, such as blog posts, of if I want to have a conversation with people about some specific subject, I usually choose a service such as Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn that is most suitable for the kind of conversation i want to have, and have the conversation there, in context.

  4. Sorry for the (extremely) late reply! And thanks for extending our conversation here. I blogged about how I share and consume digital media a long time ago. But it’s good to check and restate my strategy again. I’ll do that in a separate blogpost. I too take time daily to tune into what's new and interesting. I see it as part of my job to stay in touch and think about how shifts in the world effect organizations and working life.

    A couple of questions about your strategy:
    1. It seems you automatically save links you share on Twitter to delicious. How? I save use Diigo (bookmarking, highlighting) and use a Chrome extension to save interesting links.
    2. I understand you read all your RSS-feeds in Flipboard? I tried to but found I’d miss stuff I really wanted to read. For instance, I want to follow your blog more closely than NextWeb. For that reason I read my feeds in Google Reader. I can go directly to a feed instead of browser through all of them at once.
    3. Good tip to view Twitter searches in Flipboard. Twitter search are too hidden on I read my Twitter Lists in Flipboard (and read some other channels there as well, like HBR, NatGeo and G+). Organizing tweeps into Lists helps me make sure I don’t miss tweets from people I want to follow closely. And I agree, Flipboard is wonderful. I’m always amazed at how quickly you can consume information there.
    4. What are you using for saving and reading later? I usually just use the star in Google Reader and I email interesting tweets to my inbox to read later.

    After reading your post I wondered: Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a conference around this topic. The conference would consist of people presenting to each other how they organize their digital working life and stay productive. Furthermore there could also be hands-on sessions to help each other get things working and organized. I know Harold Jarche has PKM workshops. This would be a broader conference. What do you think about this idea?

    1. Samuel, I agree your reply came kind of late – but what a great reply! ☺ Thanks!
      You pose many really good questions, and I’ve tried to answer them below:

      Q1: I save tweets with links automatically in Delicious with the use of I should probably add that to my diagram. Links that I really want to keep and re-find I add manually to Pocket.

      Q2: Good point! I must confess that I sometimes use Google Reader to focus on certain feeds, or even visit the actual blogs. But it’s not something I do on a routine basis. It would be wonderful if FlipBoard offered the possibility to filter by source/feed – perhaps it’s something to suggest to them?

      Q3: I too read a couple of my Twitter Lists in Flipboard, like my Enterprise 2.0 list. But I must confess (second confession today) that I haven’t been very disciplined in updating my lists, such as adding new people that I follow on Twitter to the relevant lists. I think this is because Lists are so deeply buried in the Twitter clients – it’s as if they want to get rid of lists.

      Q4: I use Pocket for saving and reading later. It’s a perfect service for this purpose. Besides saving Pocket from inside apps like FlipBoard and Twitter on both iPad and iPhone (requires that you set up Pocket as the “Read leater” service), I can email links to Pocket, add it using an extension in Chrome, or add it from Safari by bookmarking it. This means that wherever I find something interesting, I can always send/save it to Pocket for reading it later.

      PKM, or PIM (Personal Information Management) as some call it, is definitely an interesting area where we need to improve and find better solutions and practices. Much of the problems we have communicating, sharing, and collaborating I believe are due to that we don’t have a good grip on the information we have found and want to keep, share and re-find at a point in time when it might become useful. I had a discussion with Alan Lepofsky yesterday that touched upon this subject, although it was centered around how to use (or not use) email. Personally, I would find a conference (virtual or offline) on this subject interesting an valuable.

  5. Thanks, Oscar, for following up on my questions. I'm reading my Google Reader feeds in Flipboard now and loving it. One of the problems I had with reading my feeds there is that FB didn't mark my feeds as read (like in Google Reader itself). Maybe I missed that option back then, but it now has an option to automatically mark a feed as read when I flip over it. Lovely!

    I'll retry Pocket. Tried it some time ago, but it didn't work for me.

    And let's keep in touch about the PKM/PIM conference! :-)