Monday, March 15, 2010

A collection of social media-related infographics

I simply love great infographics. I've uploaded a presentation with a number of social media-related infographics that I have collected. If you know of any infographic(s) that you think I should add to the collection, please let me know (post a comment).


  1. Oscar:

    I really enjoyed your collection of fine examples of infographics.

    You can improve this document significantly if you include credit information in every image, with a link to the source page :-)

    Yes, we all can stand on the shoulder of giants but, please, give credit where credit is due :-)
    As far as I can tell, none of the images is yours ;-)

    Other than that small (great ;-) detail, you sir have a great site! Congratulations! I already "snacked" a few inspiring posts, yes, I did :-)

    Best regards from Portugal,
    Ricardo Nuno Silva

  2. Thanks for noting that Ricardo (I agree with you 100%)...I've now uploaded my full compilation which contains references to sources. I've checked it and it seems to contain references to sources for all images except one or two.

    Appreciate your feedback!

  3. Oscar:

    Much appreciation on your prompt corrective measures!

    The credit link/information on every slide really makes a difference :-)
    Let me thank you on behalf of all the great designers/authors involved.

    It's this kind of fast reaction that makes bloggers like yourself really stand out :-)

    Best regards from Portugal,
    Ricardo Nuno Silva