Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Presentation: Getting Real About Enterprise 2.0

Here's the opening presentation from Acando's Enterprise 2.0 event in collaboration with AIIM September 10th 2009. It served as an introduction to the sessions that followed by AIIM, Tetra Pak and NewsGator.


  1. Oscar, beautifully done! You cover a broad range of related subjects thoughtfully and elegantly. Great stuff!!
    Now if you could just get Ross Mayfield's name right. ;-)

  2. Thanks!

    I am aware about the mistake with Ross name, Gil Yehuda pointed it out to me just after I had uploaded the presentation. Unfortunately there is a problem with Slideshare (which I have reported) that occurs when trying to replace a presentation :(

    But I will replace the presentation with correct name as soon as it works. Until then, I added a comment at Slideshare about the name mixup.