Friday, January 23, 2009

The Washington Post about Google's problems with Feedburner

Why did I complain about the huge drop in subscribes in the Feedburner stats? Today I have no statistics at Feedburner dead now after having slowly faded away for some while?

The Washington Post has an article by Michael Arrington from who reports about having the same kind of problems as I and lots (most?) of other Feedburner:
Complaints about Feedburner, a service that helps websites manage their RSS feeds, have been around as long as the company itself. But you'd think that when Google spent $100 million to buy the company, they'd get it together.

But things haven't gotten better. Instead, the service is becoming unreliable. Feedburner problems plague website owners far more than they should. And while Google is notoriously slow in absorbing its acquisitions, it's far past time for them to get their act together and turn Feedburner into a grown up service.

Feedburner also has a known issues page that shows what's currently wrong with the service. It's clear from that page that the team is having a lot of problems just keeping the lights on. The fact that this most recent issue, broken stats, isn't reported there yet even though its days old is another red flag.

If Google wants to continue to manage our feeds, we need assurances from them that they want our business. Right now, I don't believe they do. The people working on Feedburner clearly care about the product and their customers, but they either don't have enough people or enough resources to take care of business.
The thing is that I - and probably many Feedburner users with me - also use several other services from Google. My rapidly decreasing trust in Feedburner also hurts my trust in other Google services. Will Gmail be the next service to fall apart? Or Blogger? I guess it is time to make a backup of this blog.


  1. I'll say it... It's ALWAYS time to make a backup of your blog :)

    I don't care who you are with, it's always time to make a backup, at least of the database...

    On that note though, I completely agree, I'm tired of watching my FB statistics yo-yo and want some reliability. This reflects very poorly on Google...

  2. I know, I know. It is just one of those things that doesn't get done as often as they should...;)

    It seems as my stats are up again, after four shaky days. The Feedburner team at Google seems to have discovered thisafter four days. Here is what they communicated on the "Known Issues and Workarounds" page in the FeedBurner Help Group:

    "23-JAN 2009: Publishers who have recently moved to Google Accounts may have noticed a significant drop in reported subscriber stats for all feeds. We are actively investigating this issue."

    Why not read their own forum? Then they could have discovered in several days earlier.

    Anyway, the problem seems to have been resolved no. Or at least disappeared for now.