Monday, May 19, 2008

Lethal face-to-face meetings

Jessica Lipnack has written an interesting article for The Industry Standard called "When face time is a matter of life and death" where she among other things provides a mindopening example of when face-to-face meeting can actually be leathal.

In the article, Jessica also mentions the blog-to-blog collaboration between her, us and Michael Sampson on a checklist before traveling to face-to-face meetings. Thanks for mentioning The Content Economy, Jessica!

You can find our "beta version" of the checklist here on our blog.

Jessica took the checklist to another level and Michael Sampson visualized her version with a flowchart.


  1. Thanks, Oscar. It would be terrific if you could post a comment to the article itself. I'll be drawing on all of this at our Enterprise 2.0 conference session, "Work Green, Work Virtually," in June here in Boston. Thanks again for your pioneering work on this.