Monday, February 4, 2008

Speaking of SOA and relationships

SOA marries this, SOA marries that...SOA seems to be in a relationship with or even married to MDM, ECM, BPM, Web 2.0, BI, and many many more - at the same time. Maybe here's the explanation I've been looking for to explain how this can have happened:

Andy Dornan writes about the marriage between SOA and virtualization 2.0 in "SOA's Perfect Mate?":

"Virtualization 2.0 will go beyond server consolidation, making applications more agile and scalable to fit a service-oriented architecture."

John Crupi takes a closer look at the mashup-SOA relationship in "Mashups: Moving SOA Out of The Back Office".

However, everybody seem to agree that SOA and web services are NOT in a relationship. SOA is often misunderstood as the same thing as web services, and vice versa, which is incorrect. Still, I would argue that they are in some sort of relationship. A SOA is an approach to organizing IT resources better, a web service is a type of software implementation (an IT resource) that can be part of a SOA. Both of these two roles exist in most relationships.


  1. re: SOA and Web services. It's just like when there were rumors about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but all the PR people were like, "No way. Brad and Jennifer are still very much in love."

    It's Just. Like. That.

    -Posted by the SPRMT (Society for the Prevention of Romantic Metaphors in Technology)