Saturday, January 5, 2008

Taking the challenge

I’m taking the challenge to write a checklist for situations when I need to get together face-to-face and when other alternatives such as web conferencing might be just as suitable or at least possible. A post by Jessica Lipnack about “carbon-neutral teams” gave me the idea and being quoted on her blog provided some extra motivation. I am involving my fellow bloggers Henrik and Anders (Anders wrote a peace called “Are we finally ready for eco-meetings?” a while ago). Anyway, we are compiling a list of candidate items for the checklist and I hope to present it in some time.

By the way, do you know that you can calculate how much emission of carbon dioxide you cause by flying? The CarbonNeutral Company offers calculators and the airline SAS actually allows you to compensate for the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) that you cause when you travel with them. Good initiative. But what we need is to do is also to compary flying to other transportation alternatives.

Let’s take my flight next week from Malmö to Stockholm and back again as an example. By taking the plane, I would have caused an emission of 0.1644 tonnes of CO2. By taking the train instead, I will cause an emission of only 0.0012 tonnes of CO2. Do I need to say more? I guess not. I will take the train from now on. It really makes a difference.


  1. Excellent. I've amplified the message to my readers. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I played with the numbers a little to make them more understandable to those of limited intelligence like myself: if a ton is 2000 pounds, then your flight would release the equivalent of a sumo-wrestler worth of CO2 (328 pounds), while the train ride would release something like a cup of coffee, four ounces.

  2. Hi, Oscar. Did you ever come up with a checklist? People really need it.

  3. Hello Jessica, thanks for the reminder. Me and my fellow bloggers have actually produced a draft of a checklist on how to reduce CO2 emissions. I'll post it immediately so you can have a look at it and then we might be able to take it a little further, with input from you and others. I guess it's good enough to start with.

  4. Wonderful. I knew I could count on the Content Economy and it's perfect to throw it out to the community for improvement.