Thursday, May 10, 2007

ECM State Of The Market

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market is a hot thing, considering e.g. the market growth levels and heated debates in the blog spheres.

Below are some brief notes on the general state of the market covering both the customer and the provider perspective.

Customer perspective:

  • Most enterprises have multiple content management products from functional domains such as document management, web content management, records management etc
  • Most enterprises want to consolidate into content services and components from fewer vendors
  • Most enterprises lack an ECM strategy that directs shared investments and initiatives
  • Most enterprises do not have an ECM governance in place that manage requirements form different business units and user groups
  • Most enterprises do not have an architectural vision or framework that guides ECM design and deployment
  • Most enterprises do not employ a shared service or competence centre that efficiently utilize shared ECM resources

Provider perspective:

  • Most provider suites continue to grow, delivering both more advanced services and additional services such as support for collaborative Enterprise 2.0 and Enterprise Information Management
  • Most traditional ECM providers are under pressure from Basic Content Management providers such as Microsoft and Enterprise Resource Management providers such as SAP.
  • Most of the mergers and acquisitions among providers create burdensome integration projects and insecurity among customers
  • Most providers try to offer pre-packaged solutions for common industry problems and processes. Often compliance driven.

Consolidation of applications seems to be one of the main drivers on both the customer and the provider side. Consolidation initiatives tend to initially focus on hardware and software. When is the market ready for consolidation of content and processes?


  1. Hi!! I'm a conference producer from Malaysia. I'm doing research right nw for a possible conference/workshop on ECM later this year. Would really like to get your opinion of the angle that I should approach for this event. A single area that is really hot and critical in the mkt right nw. Thanks a bunch!!

  2. Hi! I'm back. One more thing, can you briefly describe how are technologies such as EAI, SOA and BPM linked to ECM- in layman terms perhaps? =)

  3. Hi!
    Collaboration seems to be the number one ECM buzzword at the moment considering the recent hype and support for e.g. Enterprise Web 2.0 and Business Process Management (BPM).

    I am about to write a blog post about the relationships of the technologies you mention based on some recent thoughts and experience.

    I am looking forward to continue the discussion after publishing that post.


  4. Hi Henrik! Thanks for the input. Collaboration? Meaning in terms of what? Content input and sharing from various stakeholders? Collaboration on a merging of technology? What angle? Sorry if i sound like a newbie here, which I am. =)

    Thanks again.

  5. I think both the user/usage and the technology enabler angles are very relevant in an ECM conference. My blog colleague Oscar reflects on both angles in his post:

  6. Some interesting perspectives on the market.

    We do an annual "State of the ECM Industry survey. For background, see my blog at or go to our web site at